Undermining American Values

Al Vasquez Opinion Journalist. www.thehispanicvoice.com

What is the point of having a government with the capacity for multiple facets of investigation all funneled through the litmus test of party politics? The absurd has always been the point of departure for politicians intent on manipulating the truth, turning it into a game of “gotcha”. Findings of wrong doing by liberal/progressive establishment politicos are systematically ignored by mainstream media. If on the surface deeds suggest conservative politicians in a corrupt, antisocial or against our national interest, over-kill by Media is mandatory.
For this Republican administration it is virtually impossible to take themselves out as investigated subjects. You have a national party opposition with diametrically opposed national goals. Whether the issue involves the FBI, IRS, Department of Justice, State Department, the military, Homeland Security, Department of Labor or the Secretary of State, Democrats including Obama have their finger in every political crevice. The traditional abstention of criticism by the immediate former president is not only being violated, it has become the ploy. The ploy to disrupt and invalidate any change of Obama policy, foreign or social being considered. Democrats are adamant about eternalizing the Obama legacy instead of considering the welfare of the nation.
The vast majority of department heads who did not leave upon the Trump transition were put in place by Obama. Seventeen hundred still remain, loyalty to Obama is a prime requisite. FBI director, Comey, admitted there were gross violations by Hillary, Obamas Secretary of State, 32,000 emails were intentionally deleted and secret documents exposed. Evidence which would send any one of us to prison for decades, simply white washed by the Commander in Chief (Obama) and his investigative network. As Commander in Chief and avid Hillary supporter, Obama declared ominously months before the investigative conclusion, “there is nothing there”. Was this code talk of what he expected any FBI investigation to conclude? Appointees are not stupid, they know who butters their bread!
The Trump win was the result of “our nation”, needing to take ownership. Readjusting our sights. Democrats are making every effort to paint Trump as a purveyor of the absurd and disseminator of rhetoric of despair. Trump has been right on every issue! It is the status quo politicians from both parties who resent the honesty. Ask yourself why? The reason seems to be “themselves”. These politicians from both sides of the isle have learned to live by deception to secure their party goals. Party takes priority over the well being of US, the nation.
The idea voters are only interested in themselves, as the deciding factor of who to vote for comes from the puerile notion we have inherited about the political process.
Democrats firmly believe voters: black, Latino, woman, gay or poor, give little credit to the fact millions of American citizens actually care for “the nation”. Freedom minded voters are more concerned with our countries direction, our self defense posture, our economy, our freedoms and preserving our republic.
Today, we have the killing of cops for doing their duty, the hatred towards the military for wanting to protect our nation, the diluted value of our currency, the insistence we should accept those wanting to vanquish our society into our midst, the rise of taxes, billions of tax dollar give aways to Islamic nations. Nations who will take gladly and give NOTHING in return.
The inherent problems of a lack of leadership, the inherent problems of not safeguarding our nation and the inherent problems of having absolutely no foresight for self preservation drove millions towardsTrump. Perhaps the only solution is to turn the corner but be aware of the fact the entire political liberal establishment is intent on preventing you from turning the wheel.
There is an entire societal army who has decided for you, they have decided to maintain course until the entire essence of our Republic is vanquished, eliminated and replaced by what to many looks very much like socialism, followed in close order by welcomed Muslim extremists already in our midst.
While ISIS dogs us as a foreign, deadly threat in our midst, Black Lives Matter dog us as homegrown riotous discomfort. Both are prophets of the absurd. The decline of American honor was not a prediction, it is already here. It IS time to readjust our sights. BLM, dwelling on negative national memories of the past will prevent advances as a United nation.