Thoughts to Ponder

Al Vasquez Opinion Journalist.

In years past, colleges and universities had as their main goal, churning out brilliant minds, offering substantial value for their investment. In today’s higher education system in the United States, universities are concentrating on bending minds. Molding brain cells to conform with the institutions version of a liberal/progressive cultural rite of passage. A philosophy bordering on Socialism. Students minds are forged into place, into a liberal mindset, intolerant of conservative values and obedient to the thought of the brain washed masses. This is a key reason major portions of our society, inclusive of mainstream media think alike, reject conservative thought, coddle those of their like minds, excoriate contrary visions and confront, any worthwhile idea “foreign to them”. Any thoughts of opening their eyes to explore updated versions of the truth is quickly squashed, ridiculed and cast aside. Ninety eight percent of college or university professors are self declared Democrats. There is no longer any attempt to camouflage their ultra liberal politics.
Political leaders of today, most of them products of these higher learning institutions become leaders in the liberal mainstream party and are proponents of preserving their status quo. The results are evident. We tolerated eight years of Obama incompetence, eight years of wavering, wandering through dozens of illogical conclusions and attempts to rewrite history, change the present and obliterate the American concept of a free nation. For progressives, this was and continues to be a prime objective.
Susan Rice an Obama cabinet level appointee recently admitted after numerous denials she was involved in the electronic spying on Trump staff at the Trump Tower using government equipment, government agencies, government funds and a clear agenda meant to dominate an apposing political party. Her outing of names, is a felony, and leaking the information gathered to the mainstream media for any reason but particularly political gain is highly illegal, an abuse of power so dangerous as to border on a Chavista or Hitlarian psychosis. The FBI which would be the lead investigative agency is questionably silent on the issue and seems determined to stir any question regarding the issue into the same trash-bag they swept away Benghazi and the 31,000 classified Hillary Clinton emails sent through unsecured not-approved servers. Even sexual pervert Anthony Weiner received copies, but Comey, Director of the FBI cannot seem to find them. Comey should ask Weiner for transcript and copies.
The recent obsession of Democrats led by Obama attempting to link President Trump to the Russians has taken priority and is providing the necessary space to dump countless legally questionable investigate-able items.
Not even the highly successful bombing of the air base in Syria launched by Trump, which destroyed aspects of Syrian Dictator Assad’s air field was sufficient to unite the parties.
Chemical war-fare is a war crime but it takes a willing congress to fully address this new ominous direction being explored by dictators in waiting. The bombing sent a strong message to Dictator Assad and mellows out the frustration millions of Trump supporters see as an inevitable part of the Trump presidency. By any standard, the military mission was a success and a good portion of Trump detractors were forced to acknowledge.
Republican leaders are still splintered, unable to decide if to go for an amendable health care bill or wait for a unanimous decision. Unlikely! In the meantime these Republican conservatives continue to play footsie with Shumer and Pelosie. Hopefully they will soon see the folly of defeating themselves. With a supposed conservative majority now sitting on the Supreme Court, now is the time to set aside political hurt feelings and advance the Republican Party agenda.
America is at a crossroad, we have a president who can be unapologetically aggressive surrounded by politicians many in his own party totally involved in systemic manipulation in a desperate attempt to maintain their status quo. We all get immersed in our familiarity bubble and come to believe it is the real world. It is not and it is due time our elected Republican representatives start seeing the reality of how quickly we can again become the minority party. Standing against the constitution has now become a democrat stance. How can America accept that? For many Republicans, the purpose of life is to find your purpose. Saving our constitution and our American way of life should be a hell-of- an incentive.