Obama illegalities Rule the Day

Al Vasquez Opinion Journalist. www.thehispanicvoice.com

Few people realize there is political posturing having nothing to do with political party, energized by self aggrandizement and the need to showcase individual politicians. Democrats are intent on rejecting Trump for no other reason than party affiliation. Chuck Shumer (D) as well as Nancy Pelosi will do hand stands in front of any camera. Republicans are intent on rejecting Trump out of a misconceived notion true conservatism must be preserved. ObamaCare is teetering between repeal and replace. Democrats adamantly reject this notion and will resist to the bitter end. Republicans finally having the control of votes to enforce their will have decided to splinter.

As of today a handful have sided with the Democrats and are adamant of voting in favor of keeping ObamaCare out of personal spite, not strategy. Repeal and Replace is not a perfect process and will require several phase adjustments to please the majority of conservatives. Career Republican politicians instinctively know this. Yet, this handful squanders their opportunity in favor of critical dialogue against their own team. Dialogue insisting the new Republican version of ObamaCare is nothing more than ObamaCare Light. The initial bill presented this week is a template to be tweaked and adjusted over a series of revisions which will make it more in keeping with what America wants. The entire bill (100 pages) is posted on line and a far cry from the Democrats ObamaCare, Pelosi process of “ we must pass it to see what is in it”. Knowing this, a cadre of Republicans are still choosing to lend fodder to Democrats who simply cannot believe their good fortune. Only Republicans can defeat themselves. President Trump is met daily with resistance from both sides of the isle.

President Trump finally spoke out against Obama who has been dancing on the side lines orchestrating the anti-Trump rebellion. This is a new dictatorship role for any former president. Trump accuses Obama of illegally granting government agencies approval to tap the Trump Towers server, knowing the Trumps campaign files were part of where he was dredging information. This is a Felony, implicitly working to thwart the Trump agenda.

In June of last year, the Obama administration asked the FISA court, for permission to tap the Trump Towers server. The court wisely rejected the request citing illegalities and a lack of a valid reason. Obama immediately began floating the Russian connection, insinuating Trump was working with the Russians against Hillary. The FISA court was convinced this was plausible enough. The Obama administration was granted Trump tapping approval in October 2016 at the height of the Hillary campaign. Today, clueless legislators and deceitful Obama administrators claim there is no proof it was ever done. The naïveté of the American electorate is being tested. Obamas penchant for thumbing his nose while skirting the constitution, is classic Obama. Does any reasonable human being actually believe Obama would not use the Russian connection as a ruse to spy on the Trump campaign? This also explains the “leaks” of information which were not leaks at all, it was Obama operatives illegally spying on U.S. citizens with direct approval from the highest authority. The question remains as to “why” is Obama or close associates such as Hillary always given a pass on illicit activities? Congress always consents to investigating Republicans yet they do a 180* when it comes to Democrats. After four deaths, the Hillary Benghazi fiasco has never been resolved. The e-mail dumping of 32,000 files to prevent investigation of Hillarie’s corrupt dealings is “gone with the wind”. The Loretta Lynch incident involving her meeting with Bill Clinton while Hillary was under investigation has been relegated to history.

A political philosophy that insists upon honoring the absurdity of the politicians world drives thinking people to despair. Revolt takes a different form in every individual. This election, the electorate rebelled against the “status quo” choosing Trump over the then designated winner Hillary. We are finding the Obama administration had and still has a corrupt grip on our nation both inside and outside the Trump administration. Democrats are intentionally stalling on Trumps designated cabinet and associates replacements; ensuring Trump cannot successfully lead. There are currently over 1,700 Obama hold overs, slipping into permanent positions becoming part of the anti-Trump establishment inside the administration much to Obamas delight. Indifference and insensitivity to making America Great Again permit this lawlessness.