Republicans Unite Against Trump

Al Vasquez Opinion Journalist.

The electorate is discovering Republicans do not need a opposition party. They are their own opposition, handing President Trump his first defeat. Trump is choosing to see a potential positive spin and bettering the American Health Bill. At least 31 Republicans the likes of Ted Cruz, Rand Paul Jim Jordan (R) Ohio a Kascich compadre pulled all the stops, held together and sided with Democrats, Chuck Shumer and Nancy Pelosi. The 3 phase Republican replacement plan came down to a Republican defeat instigated by Freedom Caucus Republicans. At least 31 so called “REPUBLICANS” made a pact they would keep Planned Parenthood, ObamaCare and hand Trump his first legislative defeat. Gleefully they marched off the legislative cliff proud of the fact they defeated themselves, their party, and the Republican electorate. Freedom Caucus Republicans have evolved into a slime ball of anti logic mush that pits winning against their whining.
Republicans won the controlling power in Congress and the Senate but, quickly banded together to ascertain the Trump agenda would fail, boosting Shumer/Pelosi. It is inconceivable we elected a Republican majority and despite the appearance of astuteness they have hoodwinked mainstream Republicans into believing they would represent party loyalist and knew how to play the political game. In truth, they have no credibility, they have intentionally lost the ObamaCare battle on their own.
There are many Republicans who simply choose not to believe their eyes. Their party of choice cannot possibly be that stupid. Freedom Caucus Republicans exhaust their time on the airwaves, putting a positive spin on their idiocy and promising they have a future solution. In truth, mainstream Republicans need to write off the Freedom Caucus Republicans, they cannot be trusted and they have no future solution. Nobody trusts them anymore.Their aim is to assume control and bring Republicans their version of winning. The only viable solution for Republicans now is to work with the Democrats, make concessions and abandon Republicans original intent to dominate with numbers and change course for our nation.
Freedom Caucus Republicans have with a high degree of certainty abandoned winning. They excel in presenting episodes of false knowing, or contrived emotion, they note how they, false conservative Republicans will make our future brighter. What counts is “ TRUTH”. Real Republicans need to wake up to the fact Freedom Caucus Republicans have their own agenda. It involves YOU with their ownership wether you like it or not. Do not fall for it, they will revert us to being the minority party without so much as an excuse me, slap you aside and proceed with their one way attitude. All the spokespersons for the Freedom Caucus, members and promoters have the same agenda and it is NOT the advancement of conservative values. We can have differing values of conservatism and changing American thinking without destroying ourselves.
We have the Supreme Court to deal with, the Immigration bill, the lowering of taxes and the challenges of making America Great Again. All the while snipping against President Trump believing the false narrative Obama made up of Trump. Conspiring with the Russians is getting support from Freedom Caucus Republicans. The same cabal who say nothing of FBI Directors waffling, about using the voting nuclear option Harry Reed created. Yes, Republicans have the majority but Democrats with 1,700 hold overs from the Obama Administration hold the cards. The stalling for confirmation of incoming cabinet replacements is intentional, Shumers intent to filibuster should come as no surprise. What is a surprise is the Republicans naïveté. The blocking of remaining administrative appointees, the blocking of the appointment of the Supreme Court judge vacancy are all ploys meant to derail Trump. Any Republican representative who is not astute enough to be aware of what is going on needs to be voted out of office. If they cannot see through the Democrat agenda and instead playing along with their will only hampers conservative values and the real conservative agenda. The Republican electorate needs to look between the lines and reject the so called Freedom Caucus agenda, more interested in their own promotional opportunities than the Republican electorate. Democrats and naive Republicans will lobby to destroy their own, this includes destroying chairman Nunez who spilled the beans about the underlying truths.
There is no lack of audacity amongst Democrat allies.Their obstinate pursuit of their own agenda puts real Republicans in real peril.