America-Gone With the Wind

Al Vasquez Opinion Journalist.

In today’s news dominated by liberal/progressive mainstream media, the socialist agenda has become fashionable/politically expedient, lends color, not truth. Depending on which mental wave length you are on, conservative or socialist progressive, you will find the exact color hue to match your wits, millions of progressives have become half wits. Half of the electorate has already been tagged as “baskets of deplorable’s” unable to co-ordinate the most mundane of logic functions. Remember, “it takes one to know one”.

In the past eight years, we have became sycophants to extremely liberal socialist politicians, so naive and disconnected from the real world of torturous turmoil they actually believe turning the other cheek is a defensive strategy. Look no farther than “former” president Obama who not only turned the other cheek but also gave our worst enemy Iran, $150 Billion in “plane loads” of cash; U.S. Currency, money delivered on pallets to fund their anti-American, pro nuclear, anti- Christian, agenda. The anti-Israel Palestinians were rewarded by Obama the day he left office with $250,000,000 to stipend the widows of anti-Israel Jihadists. Simple logic dictates any sane American president would not even consider such juvenile, dangerously cartoonish anti- American antics. Is it any wonder Irans encrusted leaders, mired in hate and anti-social dictates believe our presidential leadership is so weak and ineffective there would be “zero” consequences for violating any peace agreement? The answer is clearly a direct result of where we are today.

Unfortunately, half of the American electorate gives Obama a pass, shrugs their shoulders and move on with the same dangerous train of thought believing the Muslim world can be dealt with, with civility and orderly lucidity. It cannot! This dangerous, approach to foreign politics has brought us to the point today where no Muslim leader believes the United States has the resolve to confront any real challenge. President Trump has a double whammy awaiting him, the entrenched Democrat brotherhood who will fight him every step of the way and foreign leaders who demand the same as Obama.

The anti-America scenario is already evolving, Democrats are and will continue to block any progress towards formulating a pro-America cohesive strategy. Even the formation of leadership at the cabinet level which will pronounce “there is a new sheriff in town” cannot be allowed to percolate. Every leadership decision will be challenged, blocked, legislated, mired in court orders and ridiculed to the extreme by the Democrats in office; Supported by their league of party loyalists who can only see the nation through party eyes. This is where we are today, held hostage by, the Radical Muslim brotherhood , the Democrat party and the sycophant media who drinks the liberal cool aide by the gallon.

For the moment, the nation seems bewildered, led astray by the unkept promises of Obama, unable to believe the Obama suaveness did not bring with it the “Hope and Change” America craved for. Instead Obama ushered in a new era of divisiveness, conflict and a confusing belief our country is dependent exclusively on the Democrat party, not national American pride. The constitution, historical truth and the evolving greatness of our nation are ridiculed. The sins of our founding fathers are chastised as if we, the inheritors of the flame of freedom, sons of the past had no will of our own. We are no longer the bigoted, unprincipled myopic flock who can only see in black and white. As the American electorate we are being transformed from seeing in black and White to seeing only in terms of Democrat versus Republican. Party first disciples allow themselves to be manipulated. Our nation is at the crossroads of psychologically becoming the make believe servers of justice instead of the futuristic saviors of mankind. Millions of dirty, filthy feet, crud encrusted, turban wearing, radicals have embarked on taking over the world through menace, death and torture. Singularly, as Americans we are repulsed by them but with political party thought and our own America propaganda, we are learning to adapt to foreign infiltrators. We are now receptive to defend, protect and coddle them. Using the very same constitution written by our founding fathers to protect our freedoms. American Democrats arise to defend the Muslim brotherhood, oblivious to the fact they bring into our midst, the Trojan Horse of the 21st century.