Who have we become?

Al Vasquez Opinion Journalist. www.thehispanicvoice.com

In the midst of a generalized cynicism towards President Trump, democrats and a handful of quasi Republicans such as Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio and Susan Collins are intentionally attempting to water down and demean the Trump agenda. Posing as conservatives, they have wiggled their way into the American conservative mainstream. “Make America Great Again” rings hollow when their own primary concern is being re-elected decade after decade. Their every negative Trump comments are repeated over and over again by democrat propagandists.

In an era where the owner of a smart phone can access in real time the twists and turns of a world headed towards the destruction of America as we have known it, it is becoming perfectly clear, thoughtful, provoking analysis of any topic is quickly divided. Democrat holdovers still in the Trump administration. Entrenched as “obamait’s “vs conservative values. The recently fired head of the Department of Justice, Sally Yates a Obama holdover took the reins of government and had arrogantly instructed her staff she or the Justice Department would not honor President Trumps executive order allowing our nation to evaluate current refugee policy for ninety days. Democrats absolutely want to shut down the administration with only two (2) cabinet approvals. Obama at this stage had 11 cabinet members. This is one of the consequences and key reasons democrats continue to stall on the selection of Trumps people. Democrats know Obama hold overs will continue to run their departments philosophically the same, anti-Israel, Pro-Muslim and today, anti-Trump. Pro America, Trump supporters need to hold accountable lazy republicans (McCain, Graham) who have not defined their conservative bonafides.They need to be held accountable for being absent when their total support is desperately needed. Democrats in congress are enjoying a victory of stopping Trump without no need for court action, democrats quote anti-Trump statements by McCain and Graham at every opportunity. A smiling Sally can be seen enjoying Obamas statement where he states he is against the Muslim ban. Ironically and true to the expected Obama spin, the executive order does not mention “Muslims”, only nations. India, plus 15 other countries with the most Muslims are not included in the temporary 3 month pause confirming the temporary ban is not about the Muslim religion, it is about geographic zones, terrorist hot beds and antagonist nations. The reason for the quick implementation of barring un-vetted citizens of predominately Muslim nations without advance notice is perceived as sloppy. In truth, giving notice of a forthcoming nation ban would have enticed Muslim terrorists to quickly enter the U.S. Obama gave a six month notice proclaiming the United States would abandon Iraq and we can clearly see the results. Terrorist Muslims dominated the Iraq bailout by Obama until the U.S. became an irrelevant force in Iraq.

As a nation we are being held hostage by unscrupulous democrats who have joined with the “Muslim Brotherhood”. Our nation and its Middle East terrorists is at the precipice of being taken over by rebellious Islam. Once Obama set the pro Muslim stage, democrats capitulated to party while subverting our Christian heritage. A study conducted by Indiana University concluded only 7 percent of American journalists consider themselves as Republicans or conservatives. Academia is no less dominated by devotees of the left. The labeling of the media as the “opposing party” by President Trump is in fact, obvious.

There is, a reasonable expectation that anybody who cares either about his country, a flourishing civil society or his political individual freedoms would want to keep his countrymen safe from death due to terrorism by un-vetted Islamic terrorists. For the past eight years we have been hovering between a shameful nation when it comes to American values and a dysfunctional nation when it comes to national security.

Enormous fissures between Republicans and Democrats have created chasms dug deeper by our own penchant to be relevant and democrat fascination with our introduction into the world of Islam. Politically correct freedom of “speech” is the socialist democrats revision of the first amendment. Since politically correct is subjective, this is their ingenious way of robbing the nation of “true freedom of speech”. We have reached the point where only certified politically correct progressives , their expressions, their manipulated interpretations are “politically correct”. Mainstream democrats rebel against any semblance of individual thought. The party of our fathers is no more.