Resolution for 2015: Save America

Al Vasquez Opinion Journalist.

Two years ago we published the following article. As a conservative media, we saw the nation was headed in the wrong direction. But, America was too busy surviving to understand the severe consequences which would follow by abandoning American values.

“When you condone senseless murderous ideology in the name of American idealism, you become an enabler. The inability of Obama to call terrorism terrorism and turn a blind eye to the war which has been declared on world civilization reflects the very worst of leadership. As we open the doors to 2015, we begin with the ruthless kidnapping and killings in Australia by a ISIS sympathizer. Australian leaders are calling the sequestration of over a dozen of its citizens, two deaths and clear signs the perpetrator was a Muslim supporter of ISIS, an isolated incident.

Our own president alludes as “workplace violence” the Muslim soldier who killed our own troops inside an Air Force base in San Antonio, Texas. The incidents are numerous and the response from Obama is always the same. A condemnation, a tearful sympathy for survivors and underneath the fleeting moment of silence for media photo ops, a hasty retreat to the golf course.

As a nation we are being pressed into our greatest challenge which supersedes our colorblind ability to elect a black president, twice. While the nation regresses, the perception of racial equality is down 11% since we elected a black president. We have managed to increase world perception of American weakness by 40%. These numbers are a clear reflection of a weakness in leadership by the party controlling our fate for the past six years.

Starting in 2015, Republicans will be tasked to lead congress with our black democrat president still in charge. It is important to note our president has already invalidated congress

and declared himself immune to constitutional law. The routinization of by-passing congress by presidential decree has been established by our current president and Republicans are unable to come together to address this constitutional issue. Congressional Democrats condoned and cheered the president demonstrating the meaningless of congress, proof positive power is all about party and to hell with the nation. We could argue that is what politics is all about but the clear denial and obfuscation of our constitution which has kept our nation free can only be denied at the great risk of losing our freedoms. Once you relinquish the Bill of Rights we cease to exist as a free nation. The question is, “ does support of a political party supersede standing up for our nation”? This is a question all of us need to ask ourselves before we go the route of now gone civilizations before us.

Until we address who we are as a nation and who is intent on destroying us, we cannot be united in our defense. Terrorists have defined themselves in their own crude murderous way and have established their God as more important than life on earth. They will vanquish any nation which vacillates in the recognition of their destructive evil, greater than the greatest of plagues.

The preservation of our constitution as we have known it for 239 years will be the greatest challenge for this generation. As a nation through our inclination to be non-racist elected a black leader twice who declared he had an agenda for “change”. We chose to believe it was for the good despite this nagging little voice singing “ you better watch out”.

For 2015, the greatest wish for America is we come together as a nation to defeat our enemies. It matters not your party of preference, we must not abdicate our duty as citizens to do what our leader is not willing to do. Defending our constitution is not measured by terms in office, it is measured in the spirit of freedom, the inclination to once again be a force against the evils of society. We must refrain from this ludicrous notion of appeasing the enemy by condescending, showing respect where none is deserved and attempting to understand the lunacy of decapitation for honoring our religious convictions. The deeply engraved dream of eradicating all Jews and infidels from the face of the earth remains as a goal in Muslim consciousness. Until we as a nation see through the fog of deceit encouraged by our leadership, we are on a one way street to self annihilation; a street being paved for us by terrorists who believe we are too cowardly to defend our honor. The taunted shovel ready jobs were not meant to be to bury our dead.”

Resolution for 2015: 

Save America.