Progressives Dump Political Decency

Al Vasquez Opinion Journalist.

John Lewis and 75 other democrats and counting have flooded the air waves with their asinine nonsense of espousing Donald Trump “is not a legitimate president”. The inconvenience for many democrats who were expecting a political bone, plum appointments from challenger Hillary has become obvious. Renegers within the socialist/democrat party have become perfectly comfortable denying the constitution and relegating at will socialistic changes to our social order.Trump is rejected by this group as being a bastard child of our electoral process. John Lewis is perfectly comfortable calling Donald Trump a “political bastard” (illegitimate) while becoming incensed with those who question his short stint in jail for participating in raucous protests in the late 60’s-70’s. Lewis was a participant in the disruptive fashion of “Black Lives Matter”. Ostensibly in support of civil rights but we now know it was to launch a life time career. What did Trump have to do with this black against white era? Nothing, other than the undeniable fact Trump is a “white guy”. Who is the racist by bringing in Trump over 45 years after the fact? Good heavens, not Lewis, that would be a violation of political correctness. Lazy minded, party centered activists and political opportunists relish the opportunity to display their ignorance masking it as free speech.
Leaving irony aside, ask if John Lewis is agrandizing his civil rights participation and allowing an undeserved positive image of himself to be used to collect contributions and funds to keep him in power. I have received at minimum 15 on-line letters since Lewis declared Trump as “illegitimate”. All his correspondence has been a summary of the Lewis tear jerker socialist activities and direct pleas for “MONEY”. For John Lewis, being bought and paid for by his own party is more relevant than supporting our constitution. In John Lewis mind, his stint in a city jail resulted in a political blessing. In his party, he is swimming in a pool of magical rocks. Since he was elected by embellishing his story, his goal has always been achieving and staying in power. He excels in deceit and false glorification humbly touting himself as the “great I am”.
John Lewis has never followed the positive example of a Martin Luther King and he never will. The media and relevant politicians shy away from exposing Lewis as the shallow anti-American he is. Fear of exposing the man as an advocate of chaos, turmoil, racism and provocation while he openly organizes naive politicians to follow his lead is absurd. A complete advocation of American values. Those 75 and counting individuals including our own congressman Raul Ruiz have selected Lewis as their exemplary leader. They would follow windmills on a windy day labeled “Democrat Driven”.
Socialist/Democrats have initiated a school of thought they are implanting in the minds of vulnerable American youth and the electorate in general. The opposite of principles America once considered inviolable. American Socialist Progressives now squander every opportunity to represent American ideals and have become perfectly comfortable with the idea of mediocrity, attachment to anti-American, anti-social and anti-Christian values.
It is difficult to get a handle on the scale of today’s cultural digression, but we can certainly get a perspective by the descent of socialist inspired, paid and non paid groups, on Washington, D.C. this week. Millions of Americans have been recruited through naïveté, media and the lack of understanding of political correctness to protest the established principles of a constitutional republic. In the minds of democrats, republicans are only relevant to bring out the inhuman vastness of their entrenched bigotry. No one ever mentions the slaves were freed by a republican president, the NAACP was formed by a group of wealthy “WHITE” conservatives to expedite black opportunity and it was the republicans who were able to pass civil rights legislation after stiff blockage by recalcitrant southern democrats.
What we are witnessing today on the national platform of party politics is a strange mixture of American values and socialist trajectory. American populism led by Trump is a complex mixture of reality and possibility. Democrats insist on unabridged freedoms completely oblivious to the fact unrestrained taking is not free, as a taxed social order, government Is paid for by the people not the politicians who escape the fees and concentrate on buying votes with our money.