Hypocrisy Exposed

Al Vasquez Opinion Journalist. www.thehispanicvoice.com

Hollywood has a certain taste for a perceived importance while simultaneously fanning the flames of hypocrisy. In recent days we have been plagued by wealthy entertainers who have arrived at the limit of themselves. They stumble over absurdities of life they cannot overcome. The obstacle they find difficult to perceive is the fact they have come up against their own lives brought about by an unmanaged excess of their own liberties. They chastise others, with no perceived attachment or principles for themselves. Hollywood elites politically allow a single problem to preoccupy and define them. The joke manifests itself by believing these “make believe” actors actually penetrate into the domain of a highly intelligent billionaire, an opulent domain from which they pretend to be excluded.

Meryl Streep, a renowned actress whose claim to fame is the ability to be someone else and elicit tears inclusive of a sorrowful voice on cue. Meryl Streep like her close friends, supportive loons provoke images of injustice, of provocations, absurd comments and undeserved wealth. They invalidate the patriotism Donald Trump brings front and center into American life. A patriotism, Obama, our current American political leader has given away in return for absolutely nothing. Nothing unless you qualify the dismantling of the American dream as the bargaining chip to chain our-selves to Sharia law. A law where women are second class citizens, gays are put to death and Christians are ripe for beheading.

It is not through negligence or oversight only half of the electorate choose to see the Obama leadership for the absolute vacuous failure it is, it is intentional. Do we really not understand the prescribed leader of the rampant pro-immigrant movement has ironically himself, deported over 2.5 Million undocumented? Do women really not understand the leader of the “Dreamers” brigade has at this moment over 30,000 children in concentration camps throughout the country shielded away from public view? These are the children whose parents were deported and now, have no connection or ability to reunite with parents or family. Many were born in the United States, have no conscious connection with their historical homeland and have every right to be here. But, no home, income or ability to shelter themselves. Where is Meryl Streep and friends on these heinous results of political double speak by the Obama administration? Where are the false tears? Where are the advocates of child suffering? Where is the “TRUTH”? Meryl Streep anti-Trump performance reeked of pure unadulterated hypocrisy, a reflection of the bleeding hearts who cherish the thought Mr. Cool, Obama is one of them, oblivious to the damage done to American patriotism , American values and the”Make America Great Again” mindset.

Why is it Obama has prosecuted or ousted from his administration more “whistleblowers” than ALL of his predecessors COMBINED? Many were career public servants, including decorated military personnel who now will suffer from a deprivation of life long government earned benefits. All in the interest of saving the emperor. When did you hear or read of Obamas dropping 26,171 (in 2016), bombs in Muslim countries? Many residents were Christian neighborhoods. Neighborhoods where Muslims were given Carte Blanch to leave while Christians were forced to stay. Coincidence? More likely intentional! Let Meryl Streep explain.

Trump called Streep an “overrated” actress, she is. Streep and her peers know exactly what they are doing, undermining any attempt to return our nation to “Us”, the keepers of America who still recall the values fought for by American patriots.

Why do these Hollywood types continue to yearn for the America self-annihilation they offer? Trump is hated by progressives because he exposes a revolutionary faith in our country, he removes the crap shoveled onto our Constitutional Republic by doubters of our great nation.

Trump supporters instinctively know he is not hated for his revolutionary faith in our country, he is hated due to the forceful, way in which he expresses it. He is hated for his direct honesty, the refreshing truth progressives are no longer capable of expressing. Democrat-Socialist progressives have their own version of “politically correct” a revision of the first amendment. Their ingenious way of robbing the rest of the nation of freedom of choice. Only their thoughts, their liberal expressions, their manipulated interpretations are deemed acceptable and correct. They have become bloated with contrived lunacy.