Socialism - Kissed With a Lie

Al Vasquez Opinion Journalist.

Is Socialism a reasonable dream? For those who expect abundance, prosperity and good fortune through the magic of executive orders, bogus legislation and attribute malice to "Wall Street", it is. Socialist/Democrats have taken the leap, opening the doors and convincing the nation Socialism is the panacea for inequity. For seven years the pump has been primed. A multi faceted Socialist minded president wavers between socialism and Muhaemedism. He has cut the path, moving the nation in the direction of the political " magic kingdom". The concept has gained so much traction for the misinformed, socially lethargic malcontents, anti-government rabble rousers and power hungry politicians, it has now come out in the open. Bernie Sanders has no problem proclaiming to be a Socialist in mainstream America running as a Democrat. Hillary is eager to match Bernie. The only difference is in time and implementation. This election year, Socialism has found a style, appealing to those who resent the haves and make no effort to compete in education or productivity; a cut into the front of the line not only sounds appealing, it is now demanded.

Few Democrats bother to observe and clearly define the problem of not having. It becomes easier to point the finger at a Wall Street complicity rather than the selfish act of lethargy, drugs, alcohol, lack of preparation and simply no self incentive to succeed. This election year coincides with a drama of our own making. To compel the notion you cannot pull yourself up by your own boot straps, government has initiated every conceivable obstacle and has deployed the Democrats army to confiscate boot straps. Instead of self effort, government hand outs is the answer.

By making conditions favorable for Socialism, government is in preparation for economic collapse of their own making, soon to follow. Government has become the great hope. The instilled tragedy becomes ambiguous and simple minded enough to satisfy the weakest of minds. The double mask of good and evil. You have entrenched politicians representing the different factions in this struggle. Education and understanding how having is achieved cannot be uncoupled. If you work, you get paid. If you do not work and still get paid, somebody is carrying your load, simple as that.

America is hovering between competent mediocrity and respectability. This is the very specific fault of our national leadership. A leadership we elected while waiting for the second coming. We are as a society in a fast hurry to invite socialism and Islam into our midst. Islam is of a particularly grievous concern bearing in mind their religious tenets are specific in our demise. In times past, Israel was the only country whose neighbors declared its very existence was an affront to international law, morality and religion. Muslims make the extinction of Israel and the United States explicit and a paramount Islamic goal. All Islamic nations including Iran, Iraq, Libya and surrounding Middle East territories support, condone and expand on policies designed to obliterate Israel and weaken America.

America is decisively under attack for supporting Judea-Christian values. We can ask where does this animosity come from and receive contradicting "talking points". Jewishness in America is diminishing. It is decimating itself. Low fertility rates and endemic intermarriage is becoming catastrophic for Jews. The current rate of Jewish replacement is at 1.6 children per Jewish women. To sustain equilibrium 2.1 is needed. This is causing a 20% decline in every generation. In three generations the American Jew population will be cut in half. Down to 4 million according to the American Jewish Committee. Add to this the constant roar for destruction from Islamic nations and humanity must think in real terms, the destruction of Israel will hasten the end of the Jewish people. We must not allow this to happen.

While America flirts with Socialism, our leader assuming the role of the long legged Ichabod Crane gallops about on his broom stallion named "apologize" carrying the waving banner of a de-feathered chicken. We are hovering between being a poorly managed nation in values and becoming a shameful nation by default; losing sight of the America we were founded to become. Losing sight of the freedoms taken by evasive government leaders. Hyperbole and outright lies have squarely placed us on the slope of Socialism. Election year 2016 is more than a number, it is your future.