Supporting Our Nation

Al Vasquez Opinion Journalist.

It is assumed the Democrat Party represents Democracy. In truth, democrats are emasculating democracy. Their leaderships flirtation with Socialism crept up on many who no longer recognize the party of their fathers. Today’s democrats bear no resemblance to Harry Truman or the many democrats who fought for our nation and cherished honoring the red, white and blue.

The Progressive Party over the years has snuck out on the partnership with America. A partnership which stood by the principles of the constitution, God and country. In today’s liberal leadership in Washington, those three tenants are continually being violated. While establishment Republicans as a gesture may protest, the real blockage of any counter productive legislation is usually short lived and hollow. Democrats and Republicans in general equally conspire to pass legislation which will cost our nation in liberties and money. Conservatives can rustle up few cases where they have managed to outwit democrats. In today’s America, the liberal/socialistic mindset has taken a numerical lead. A lead which can be maintained with the consistent flow of immigrants.

This is the underlining reason immigration carries a much wider philosophical impact. Those in tune and supportive of liberal issues may mean well but are affecting profound changes in American values, lifestyle and essential freedoms. Scrutinizing of new arrivals are seen as contrary to human values. The sorting out process is counter to the open arms concept of Christianity. The shear arrogance of the single minded intent to open borders changing us as a safe nation is being ignored. Farther confounding the issue are imported cultural divisiveness which are tied to religious beliefs with everything to do with the new immigrants resistance to assimilate in our country. These refusals to assimilate are also caused by language deficiencies, cultural comforts found by gathering with their own kind and the profound psychotic intent to covert us into a Islamic nation.

The current liberal intent to simplify the issue by ignoring borders, turning a blind eye towards illegality and refraining to punish repeat offenders is naïveté beyond belief. American taxpayers have no obligation to support the world. Legislators-governmental leaders who advocate we solve the problem by pretending it does not exist have lost sight of the absolute necessity and obligation to protect us as a nation. The change revolution has started by ridding ourselves of political representatives who refuse to see us as a nation and instead insist it is about political power for their party.

These are exactly the reasons and philosophy of why Trump gave Hillary such an extensive electoral college beating. Broken down into counties across the United States, Trump won 3,152 counties, Hillary won 51, mostly in California and New York. As Americans we are hopeful we are coming to our senses as a free nation. Forthcoming elections will indeed be the crossroads between the America we know and love or the American society our children would only know through books in historical terms.

Every day for the past eight years we were confronted with another loss of essential freedoms. Everyday we were confronted with new regulations/presidential orders implemented to skirt around the constitution, the thievery of the essence of who we are. Millions of bits of data of our American identity, including our fingerprints have been hacked from government files. As citizens, we no longer know who has stolen our identity or what they intend to do with our information.These are no longer isolated cases, “millions” of Americans are having their entire credit status pilfered or destroyed without they being aware of it. This has become the new game of Robin Hood. A game we seriously do not know how to play. A game the government is conspiring with through extreme negligence, arrogant pretense and in some instances conspiracy to destroy the American way of life from the inside out.

The November presidential election invalidated the Obama/Hillary agenda. The election destroyed the democrats belief they are invincible. The American electorate had lost sight of who we are, who we were and who we are meant to be. As the electorate we seriously have a long way to go to repair the damage already done to our national image, self esteem and self respect. Two thousand seventeen will be the “new beginning of a wonderful adventure”. An adventure which 62 Million voters have signed on to “Make America Great Again”!