The Trump Beginnings-Happy New Year

Al Vasquez Opinion Journalist.

A new year can signal a new beginning. The coming of 2017 will provoke being kissed with the truth instead of continually being smooched with a political lie. We are constantly courted with a falsetto meant to provoke anti-American sentiments. Is it not time to understand we are no longer the worlds champions, we no longer fully stand behind our ONLY Middle East ally. Our current Obama government will do anything to destroy our Israeli bonds before he leaves office. A dastardly plan but, not surprising. One of his last accomplishments is recently using the United Nations to smack Israel down, siding with the Muslim brotherhood to permanently get Israel out of parts of Jerusalem. Why would a president of the United States in his last days in office make such a telling, provoking and disgusting decision against our only Middle East friend? Israel has had territorial rights in Jerusalem for over 1,000 years!

The Obama administration has a twisted mentality, not fit for leadership. He has concluded and adopted the well worn path of two kinds of people living as our citizens. “The ones who think the government can give them “Free Stuff” and the ones who instinctively know there is no such thing”. After weathering the Obama revolution, most of us miss the person we thought Obama was”. He was the articulate person who convinced us the electorate would unite, blacks and whites would forgive, forget and forge ahead with a new healthy attitude of caring for “our” country before, we swore undying allegiance to only our party of preference. The exact opposite has happened, in today’s world the political party you affiliate with has hardened. Party defines your character if you are a liberal, it defines your opportunities and is widely much more important than who or what you have turned America into.

We have turned America into a caricature! No longer the beacon of strength , we now show preference to Middle East Muslim morons, developing the mightiest religion. We have become patsies for bigoted defective malcontents who slaughter women, Christians and children in an arrogant display of brut, uncontested power. They literally trample weaklings who we are not willing to protect, we just let the civilian populations meander out of their established homeland, escape, best they can. We have become sycophants cow-towing to arrogant politically motivated terrorists. Politicians who send mixed messages meant to confuse our love for Islam while making Israel the undeniable target of U.S. And United Nation chicanery delight. The messages are not so mixed anymore. Any one capable of deciphering a kids puzzle can unravel what is the true intent.

Our current leadership has placed us on the slippery slope of socialism willing to turn the other cheek to Islamic terrorists, world wide divisiveness, social welfare, anti- Christian anti-God sentiments. Worst of all, we have been robbed of the inherent sense of self. A sense of self which comes coupled with and essential to the recall of who we were. Sometimes we do not understand nor do we know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

We can already opine as we have with past State of the Union messages, outgoing president Obama will be reserved as a summary of who we as a nation do not want to become. Despite all efforts to convince us otherwise, the majority of Americans feel our nation was heading towards unknown territory. This is the essence and real reason Trump was voted in. The Russians had nothing to do with it, the philosophical core of who our nation is stood up and demanded a shift in making our country great again.

May 2017 become your transition into a new life, a new thought of prosperity and connection to God. We at La Prensa Hispana have been thankful for your readership.