The Russians Stole the Election

Al Vasquez Opinion Journalist.

Democrats singing alongside pretend Republicans, i.e. Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell and John McCain are leading the bumbling Don Quixote charge of “outside influence”, blaming the Russians for Hillarie’s loss. Our “Commander in Chief” Obama, has called for a high level congressional investigation. The investigation will be led by the same seasoned investigators within the CIA and FBI, who never found the 30,000, emails Hillary destroyed, leaving concerned Americans to question, was it incompetence or just plain party politics? They have never put together what happened in Benghazi; Unraveled the death of four Americans or discovered any evidence of the Clinton chicanery within her private foreign country dealings (despite ample evidence of incoming funds by the millions) employment dealings and Muslim nations cozy monetary ties with the Clinton Foundation.
The Electoral College members due to confirm the electoral count, officially making Donald Trump the president next week have been plagued with death threats. The Department of Justice is in the loop and totally aware of these threats and have chosen to ignore them. Instead, they are focused on blaming the Russians for Hillarie’s loss. Establishment politicians are convinced they can thwart the electoral count in favor of Clinton and with Obama leading the charge, they can already taste the denial of a Trump win. Never in the history of the United States has there been more evidence of a pre-rigged election gone astray. Democrats and RINOS who were rooting for Hillary simply cannot accept the will of the electorate. It is inconceivable the nation wants four more years of malaise, a stagnant nation and Islamic terrorists allowed to take world control. ISIS is confirmed to have spread to 42 nations. These are catastrophic evolutions, much more significant than the follow up on the the delusional fantasy the Russians hacked into 2,000 “independent” electoral systems in the United States and affected the election. The CIA developed this Russian plausible interference theory in July. Why does the Obama administration suddenly spring it on America 2 weeks prior to the final electoral college count? The reason is simple, the Obama administration did not believe a Trump win was possible. Springing it at the last minute, democrats hope to forestall the transition and throw it into the House of Representatives where democrats and RINO republicans can change the will of the electorate. Now, it is “pull all the stops time” expecting the American voters will simply fold their arms and accept such a nefarious scheme as credible. Knowing the Obama penchant for skirting legalities and the constitution, we are today willing to see between the cracks. Four years ago we would have accepted the ludicrous notion, the Russians stole our election. Today, the nation has awakened and is in a rebellious anguished state searching for the America of our fathers. The NSA who monitors the world electronically knows exactly what the truth is. The NSA superior in obtaining international data over the CIA and FBI is curiously silent. It operates surreptitiously, undetected and monitors essentially every electronic signal transmitted; In particular to other nations. They already know the truth but, you will get precious little from them. Silence can be taken as acknowledgement there is nothing major from foreign nations there. The more plausible likelihood, it is a democrat, inside job involving this administration from the top down. It is not only plausible, it is likely. Go along RINOS are complicit and still yearn to defeat Trump.
Julian Assaunge publicly stated on the Hannity public radio program on September the 8th, 2016, “the Democrat party is preparing and intends to blame the Russians” for any loss they may encounter. He stated they, (democrats) are “planting evidence to validate the hacking hysteria”, should they lose the election. The anti-Trump hysteria they are orchestrating is highly organized, using the Democrat propaganda machine called mainstream media and high profile politicians including Republicans to validate their point. A very serious security breach was orchestrated by Hillary Clinton and her exposed computer networks. The Russians were obtaining data from Hillary and her email contact list for many months. Today for Hillary and friends to blame the Russians is the height of sleaze when it was her own stupidity which initiated the email breach fiasco.
There is a difference between on something and on to something! Establishment democrat deniers are “on something” which precludes accepting”reality”.