A New Day Has Arrived

Al Vasquez Opinion Journalist. www.thehispanicvoice.com

Liberals cannot say the words “President elect Trump”. Their objection is based on general principle. They cherish bad mouthing Republicans, in particular the Republican leadership.The progressive left wishes to only discuss the “made up” distorted Obama legacy. They shift the focus to the illusion of wonderful advancements in the past eight years. Half of the nation accepts this liberal complacency labeling it prosperity, peace and understanding. This complacency ignores the evolving split society. Obama has created a black versus white consciousness as he touts “black lives matter”even inviting their leaders to the White House. Obama seems to cherish making law enforcement the enemy through continuos none support. He ignores the chaos springing up amongst us.
Democrats and some Republicans are intent on convincing us we will be badly served by Donald Trump who has promised to revise failed programs such as the Obamacare health program and the failed foreign policy where ISIS has multiplied and now operates internationally. Obama appears totally incapable of grasping the severity of the world conflict against humanity. He refuses to address Muslim terrorists , leading the jihad against America by their name. Obama is obsessed with political power and has vowed to express his political clout about the Trump administration after he leaves office.
Heinous murders of police officers in a multiplicity of cities brings home the new reality. This year, 125 officers across the nation have been killed in the line duty. The nation has accepted the consequences, oblivious of poor leadership and honors the president with 57% approval. Leaders of the progressive world describe the “ issue in a nutshell” as being gun control! Obama’s political party truly believes stripping all Americans of their 2nd Amendment right to have arms and self defense is the answer; The thinking population is not sure. The majority of conservatives believe it is hogwash.
Conservatives are not advocating a hysterical reaction, they advocate a sensible reaction based on facts and historical truths. In regards to terrorism, the nation throws out the same question: “why do they hate us”? The why is the philosophical booby prize which will get us all killed while we ponder the imponderable.
There should be no partisan gap on the question of preserving our nations safety. Eighty percent, (80%) of the American public wants public safety to be addressed nationally. This is not solely the conservative point of view, it is the point of view of intellectually capable people who value life beyond “political correctness”. Political correctness has invaded political minds to the point of being rendered useless to save America. ISIS declared war on America many years ago, our leadership dawdled and our current president still cannot say “Islamic Terrorism”.
With the election of Trump,Americans can begin to lay the ground work for winning. The left would rather appease a declared enemy. Our way of life has faded quickly. The purveyors of “open borders” including the Democrat Mayors of 15 cities across the U.S., they have thrown out the gauntlet and dare our elected president to do something about it, knowing the Federal government is not inclined to meddle in state or city affairs.
By moderating and censoring our American culture, our present leadership, including Shumer and Pelosi are serving as speech police. The multi-culture invasion awaits us as purveyors of wide open borders demonstrate political naïveté.
Haitians in particular with other nationalities arrive in hordes to Mexican border towns. A trip to downtown Mexicali will surprise the politically naive witnessing thousands of a new culture emerging due to insecure borders. The vast majority of immigrants will become Democrats. Political parties would rather win votes than concern themselves with preserving the American dream.
Politicians have a shape shifting approach to politics, leaders change based on the crowd they are addressing. Mainstream media in partnership with the Democrat party are throughly convinced a greater non-educated immigrant population will lead us to prosperity.The endless illegalities, ballot stuffing, rigged elections, false narratives and criminal acts are totally ignored. The majority of the nation knows it is time to kick ass or keep chewing gum, most Americans are out of gum. President elect Donald Trump will need every bit of support since the party led by Obama is convinced they can block change and continue on their course of failure. America has decided to no longer be the turkey.