Freedom is Everybody's Job

Al Vasquez-Opinion Journalist

As an American of Latino decent, I found Jorge Ramos a Democrat activist masquerading as a journalist for Univision is my spokesperson. Imagine my surprise of this usurpation of my own will. Latinos willing to accept a politically convenient self assigned spokesperson must be impervious to the realities of life. Any Latino spokesperson who claims absolute truth is embodied in their doctrine with no certitude outside their own mind confirms they are ill informed.

Latinos comprise 22 different nationalities, multiple dialects masquerading as Spanish and a multitude of fanatical convictions in their political agendas. A tall order for one pseudo intellectual activist to proclaim he is our community spokesperson/representative.

Jorge Ramos considers himself the carrier of Latino grievances towards America. Instead he has become the symbol of an arrogant negativity. He is determined to convince all Latinos that their values can be traded in for false promises and unfettered entitlement to the land of honey. Legality, law and order, true Democracy can be traded in for socialism masquerading as the democrat political party. Jorge Ramos has relatives working inside the democrat Clinton campaign. A fact his supportive journalists deem irrelevant, not relative in their mindset. Does being a Catholic identify you as a Christian? Not according to their warped sense of logic.

Equally disturbing is the fact mainstream media accepts unquestionably the fact one biased television journalist can speak for an entire culture.

The validity of Jorge Ramos as a King maker is a myth and myths have no life of their own, they are dependent on us to give them flesh. Vulnerable Latinos continue to suffer from the same misery of all men but are convinced blind justice does not exist. Latinos are always seeking a champion to challenge a system they consider rigged. In reality, Latinos are the ones who are rigged, taken for granted, convinced and exploited by a democrat party who sees them as nothing more than votes. Jorge Ramos is an agenda driven spokesperson for the democrat party and has assigned himself to represent all Latinos.

Immigration is a contradiction reflecting criminality, tragic situations involving legality, pitiful existence barbarous behaviors and above all a search for sustenance. We all need to understand the whole world is in immigration upheaval for one reason or another. Millions want to escape to the United States but within those millions come Trojan horses who would end our society as we know it. As Americans we can capitalize on the contributions of immigrants but it can only be accomplished with legality. Open borders as desired by democrat leaders is nonsensical, an open door to our demise. Immigration reform, means making coming here legally easier than scaling a wall, trekking through hundreds of miles of danger, rape, extortion and death. Fourteen year averages and thousands of dollars in bribes, for those who do not qualify for temporary visas is simply not acceptable. The visa overstay problem is just as significant as border enforcement.

Donald Trump uses hyperbole to bring the immigration issue to the surface. While many Latinos do not agree with his proposals, the issue has been placed in the forefront of this campaign. It is time to deal with the issue head on without apologies. The wringing of hands and closing of eyes hoping the problem goes away will only quicken Americas decent into total chaos not knowing who is here, who is entering, committing crimes then vanishing into another country. The Bourbons of France were defined as the generation who " forgets nothing and learns nothing". America has now become the generation who " forgets everything and learns nothing". We have evolved an incestuous political party causing diminished capacity to distinguish between socialism and democrat policies. It is not view point discrimination to assert "Freedom is everybody's job".