Latinos Victims of Diffused Bigotry

Al Vasquez-Opinion Journalist

Donald Trumps recent assumption of Mexicans, " I suppose some are decent people", is only the most recent of a succession of idiocies over the years. When dealing with an agitated and equivocal world, a billionaire with a pompadour does not help much. Leading his political ambitions with a tactical series of zig-zags against a background of strategic purpose is one thing; zig-zags with intent of party divisiveness is another.

A real immigration law with border security is imperative! Assigning criminality to all wanna be Americans including the ones who are desperate to do it legally is asinine. A fourteen year waiting period is common. A recent immigration decision granting legal status to a 18 year old mother from Honduras due to domestic violence while denying her one year old son is symbolic of the insanity. A photo shows the one year old peering through an immigration fence incapable of comprehending his pending fate. The obvious conclusion; the mother must return to the violence she is fleeing or seal a hopeless, motherless fate for her son. Obama's joke of a immigration policy by memo is as convoluted as his health care fiasco; despite every attempt to blame Republicans, no one seems to pin the tail on the donkey. Obama had two years whereby he did not need, "NOT ONE", Republican vote to pass an immigration law. Obama is about Obama and the issue of immigration serves him well politically, a real immigration solution would not.

Proof of this Democrat/Obama issue is reaffirmed by Trump a converted Democrat, walking into the political immigration fray, shovel in hand eager to dig the hole to bury all Republicans. We all agree immigration reform is super critical but alienating the Latino electorate through tone, not substance is the epitome of not ready for prime time. Trump will only get recognition as a Republican spoiler. If the 2016 election is about supporting spoilers, Trump is your man.

The political ineptitude in regards to immigration has grown each year, confounding even the staunchest supporters of both parties. With asinine sanctuary cities and ICE equivocating, drug lords and criminals have a open killing field. For seven years America has been hoping Obama learns on the job. Instead we have millions of naive Latinos who are impressed by his incorrigible incompetence. They believe he means well and is trying to solve the immigration issue with a "memo". Both Trump and Obama are singing off the same page. Both see the immigration issue as a political opportunity; Trump as a path to political power, Obama as a means of keeping political power.

Latino "citizens" regardless of party hear Trumps assail against Mexicans as a warning trumpet and renewal of the harsh anti-Latino attitude suffered by many American citizen Latinos in the past.

You cannot tell on sight an American citizen of Mexican decent from a undocumented Mexican. Anti-Latino provocateurs excuse themselves with the callous comment, "you all look alike". It is difficult to comprehend the internal churning of having to prove American credentials even though your father served honorably in WWII, and you served honorably during the Vietnam War. Where did Mr. America Trump serve? Millions of American born Latinos are not only real Americans, they have actually paid their dues and protected the Trump opportunity to become wealthy.

The immigration problem we currently have should be laid at the feet of Obama and the Democrat Party. Democrats had the unfettered opportunity for resolution over a period of 730 days and did nothing to move the issue in congress. Both houses were controlled by Democrats, Reid and Pelosi.

There have been endless pretexts for congressional abdication of passing real immigration reform to protect our nation. Most shamefully we pass off this abdication to political opportunists who think "they" represent America. Citizen Latinos are finding it difficult to accept the Trump diffused, subtle and indirect bigotry. Trumps diatribe exposes American citizen Latinos to unwarranted contempt. Conservatives of Mexican decent see Trump as thinking against us. Trump has released a negative flow of adrenaline within our nation causing some conservatives to run away and others to attack ourselves. Trump is waging the war of inclusiveness vs exclusiveness, leaving Republican, American citizen Latinos out of the equation.

Trump is making being Latino an act of defiance against our country. Trump and decency are subjective. 

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