Latino Leader Calls on Hillary Clinton and Clinton Foundation to Return $100,000+ to Trump Foundation

Latino Leader Calls on Hillary Clinton and Clinton Foundation to Return $100,000+ to Trump Foundation

Says Hillary Clinton is Hypocritical and Should Return the Funds 

Washington, D.C.— Alfonso Aguilar, Executive Director of American Principles in Action’s Latino Partnership and former Chief of the U.S. Office of Citizenship, called on presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation today to return the $100,000+ donation that she received from GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump. This coming after Clinton said that all Republican presidential candidates are “in the same general area” as Trump on immigration.

“Hillary Clinton has been extremely irresponsible in taking advantage of Donald Trump’s insulting comments about Mexican immigrants,” said Aguilar. “Saying that all GOP presidential candidates agree with Trump on immigration is factually untrue.”

Aguilar continued, “Several key candidates including Governor Rick Perry, Governor Jeb Bush and Senator Marco Rubio, have forcefully denounced Trump for his insulting and baseless comments. Clinton’s comments are misleading Latino voters and this is the worst kind of crass political pandering.”

“If she is so appalled by her friend Donald Trump’s comments, she should give back the $100,000+ she received from the Trump Foundation,” Aguilar concluded. “Today I call on her to do so.” 

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