A New World Awaits Us

Al Vasquez Opinion Journalist www.thehispanicvoice.com

If Democratic government is defined as a government controlled by the choice of the people who make up our nation then the decline of democratic government is an observable fact. In truth, we do not have a democracy, we have a constitutional republic. This is allowing egotistical, power hungry politicians who have learned how to obfuscate words to connive and maneuver the masses. They now control the direction of our future wether we like it or not. We have seen the implementation of a health care fiasco the majority of us do not want, we have seen the dismantling of our armed forces, we have seen the opening of our borders, we have seen the enthusiastic proliferation of anti-law enforcement sentiments, we have seen the acceptance of handouts to those unwilling to hold legitimate employment, we have seen the intentional invalidation of entrepreneurship, we have seen the massive growth on government dependence, we have seen the placement of global warming as the number one concern, we have seen religious personal beliefs being invalidated, we have seen the open arms acceptance of a religion who makes their primary objective the destruction of America and Israel. We have seen an intentional alliance with our sworn enemies. The list of what we now see as the evolution of the new and improved version of The United States of America is endless. The last seven years for the United States with few exceptions have been a downward spiral. For those of you who will retort with "we now have the legality of gay marriage" as a giant leap forward, recall the fact our current Democrat leadership was against gay marriage throughout the last two presidential cycles and campaigned against it. Very much like the civil rights legislation. Once passed, these once negative "oppinors" pretend to be the originators of the thought. The reviled Republican Vice President Dick Cheney came out in favor of gay marriage in 2004. Our next president Hillary Clinton was against it until it became politically expedient in 2013. As of today, she and Obama claim they originated the thought.

American voters have been reduced to voting for party rather than candidate. By election time our only objective is to give one party or the other a mandate to implement the policies they wish to pursue. We the electorate resume the role of insignificance. This is true from top to bottom. Congressional representatives mimic their party leaders and in certain states such as California, only one party rules. You can pretend you have a multiple party system, the truth is only one party has teeth.

Aside from the intangible damage the Obama presidency has done to the practices of adhering to the constitution there has been distinct change between American government and the relations between government and the people. We are experiencing the first president who willfully violates the intent of the constitution and submits the nation to his will using memos, congressional allies and department head cronies who have succumbed to his whims. The Republican counter force is too weak and concerned with low information voters and forthcoming elections to confront bold audacity with what should have been done from the onset. Adhering to the constitution is a sworn requirement to office which has now been transformed in a curious way to racism if there is any opposition to this president. Conscientious and well informed voters are now the new minority. We have discovered the presidency has no real legal restraints when congress is either controlled by the same party or too weak and ineffective to challenge a president who intentionally uses obfuscation as a means of changing the world we live in.

As a democratic society we have suffered a setback not yet understood by the electorate. We used to believe the constitution had been codified and not subject to public debate. We now know the stable foundation our country was founded on, is an illusion subject to interpretation based on the integrity of politicians, glib talkers and the gullibility of a massively uninformed nation.

All this internal cynicism against established American values has contributed to the undermining of civilization in general. While we may pretend international terrorism is not related, in a very real sense, it is. We are no longer willing to defend or take the role of conservative guardians at home or abroad.