By Raoul Lowery Contreras

The two most politically self-indulgent men in America joined in Phoenix, Arizona to pander to an audience of several thousand fellow travelers who believe that every single Mexican that comes to the U.S. is a rapist, murderer and/or thief.

The two: The federally disempowered Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Phoenix-Maricopa County and “Presidential candidate” Donald Trump. Also speaking was a mother whose son was killed by a drunk driver and a father whose “perfect son” was killed by a Los Angeles “gangbanger” in a gang-infested Los Angeles neighborhood. Both were illegal aliens.

The stench of xenophobia against the 160 million Hispanics of the Mexican and Mexican American persuasions overwhelmed the hall. It was set alight to an extent unseen since the Ku Klux Klan’s heyday. 

In Arapio’s case, he has had his federally-granted ability to assist in immigration law enforcement curtailed because of lawlessness under his direction in illegally harassing Hispanics. On top of his racial profiling, he has cost his county $8.5 million dollars in settlements with government officials he falsely had arrested for the crime of opposing Joe Arpaio’s ersatz Gestapo state in Arizona.

In addition to his previous illegal antics, Arpaio has been busy investigating a federal judge and his wife with department detectives. The judge has found Arapio’s department to be lawless in its illegal racial profiling of Hispanics and ordered Arpaio to stop it without specific probable cause. Arpaio didn’t order his department to quit operating illegally for 18 months. The federal court has called him in to explain why the court should not find him in criminal contempt complete with jail time. That hearing is coming soon.

While his deputies were raiding McDonalds, car washes and nurseries Arpaio sat on 40,000 felony warrants of non-Hispanics including child sexual molestation warrants for arrest. Hunting suspected illegally-present Mexicans busboys was more important.

Arpaio regaled the audience about how courageous Donald Trump is to bring attention to the illegal alien problem both men see as of “Armageddon” proportions.

Illegal aliens compose 3.5-4% of the country’s population. Illegal alien criminals are but a tiny fraction of that population, maybe two – three percent of the 3.5-4% (based on number of state and federal prison inmates).

Donald Trump strode on stage an hour late and tripled down on his accusations that the Mexican government is “forcing” criminals to come to America; that it is sponsoring them, that it encourages the migration of all these criminals to America.

“We have to stop illegal immigration! It is absolutely out of control! Some people don’t get it and I don’t think many of these people will be in office much longer.” Trump so proclaims. No statistics, just words. 

“I love the Mexican people; I love the spirit of Mexicans. Many, many people from Mexico work for me; I respect Mexico, as a country. They’re killing us at the Border…They’re killing us on trade.” Trump so proclaims.

“I’m more inclusive than anyone. In my opinion, the Mexican government tells Univision what to do…The Mexican government doesn’t care about the border they only care about the trade deals they make with the United States. I love legal immigration” and, the illegal alien Mexican who killed the girl in San Francisco “will probably get off too.”

The never-to-be-President Donald Trump announced that he had an idea; the idea is that for “every Mexican the Mexican government sends to America, America will bill Mexico $100,000” per Mexican. The crowd roared. 

Trump proclaimed himself a “militarist” who would rebuild the military to make it the best in the world, presumably with the money paid by Mexico for each Mexican that it “sends” to America.  Trump should know how to build up the military; he attended a disciplinary military middle school. He also refused to serve in the American military during the entire Vietnam Era (he turned 18 in 1964 and was 29 when the “war” ended in ‘75; he refused to serve in time of war – he’s a true patriot).

Mr. Trump, what should Mexico charge the United States for its boys who have been awarded the Medal of Honor, Navy Crosses, Silver Stars, Bronze Medals and Purple Hearts by the hundreds of thousands? The “boys” were and are Mexican nationals and Mexican Americans who have served all over the world since 1779?

How much should the United States pay Mexico for Mexican Alfred V. Rascon who was awarded the Medal of Honor in Vietnam for: “Disregarding his personal safety, he jumped to his feet, ignoring flying bullets and exploding grenades to reach his comrade…To protect him from further wounds, he intentionally placed his body between the soldier and enemy machine guns, sustaining numerous shrapnel injuries and a serious wound to the hip…” He was an unarmed medic, Mr. Trump.

Shall I go on, Mr. Trump; how much should we pay Mexico for this illegal alien Mexican brought here illegally as a child?


Contreras formerly was syndicated by Creators Syndicate and wrote for the New American News Service of the New York Times Syndicate