America Takes a Huge Step Forward

Al Vasquez - Opinion Journalist -

Over the course of time I have been reiterating the fact gayness and gay marriage would become a none issue. There is no clairvoyance involved just a simple analysis of national polling data which clearly suggested America moving towards acceptance. From a low of 31% ten years ago to today where 68% of the nation concurs with the Supreme Court. Clearly, the times they are a changing.

History as we speak, is being rewritten to benefit the Johnny come late-lies who for political reasons were opposed to it. A vivid example of restructuring political connivance is Hillary Clinton's embrace of gay marriage and President Obama taking credit. Very few astute citizens will recall the fact Vice President Dick Cheney advocated in favor of gay marriage in 2004. Yes, 2004. He was all over the news for his seemingly out of phase judgement. Those receiving accolades now were on the opposite side of the fence. Obama campaigned for president twice, in 2008 and 2012 with the posture of being against Gay marriage. He now claims credit for it and couldn't get to a microphone fast enough to rewrite his history. Hillary did not become a believer until 2013 when she was struck by the climbing polls and her presidential ambitions tugged her over the line. Her deceptive nature once again exposed.

Religious beliefs aside, most Americans don't care who their neighbor marries. Over half of the nation do not even know their neighbors. The danger in this Supreme Court ruling will not come to light until the dust settles and the underlying truth of the entrenched left real agenda comes into play. Now that gay marriage is legal, the advocacy will be to force religious institutions who do not condone gay marriage to abandoned religious precepts and be forced to comply with federal law. This will be a direct assault on the 1st Amendment established in 1791. The wall of separation between church and state is not impenetrable and it remains to be seen how quickly activists move to invalidate religious beliefs . Thus far there is no clear resolution of where the boundary between religious beliefs and federal law lies. Clearly gay marriage will be the law of the land and acceptable to the great majority. Step two will be to invalidate personal religious beliefs and require churches to accept and perform marriage in compliance to federal law. This is where we will eventually hit the next major stumbling block, separation of church and state. With the Supreme Court playing politics, holding hands with the left, our three branches of government concept is on fragile ground.

The Supreme Court ruling against the State of Texas who was imposing safety regulations on abortion clinics clearly demonstrates the sanctity of life is not protected by religious belief. The Supreme Court has issued a restraining order against Texas clearing the way for unfettered abortions. When legally ending a life, who cares how safe it is; seems to be the question at hand. Neither old fashioned motherhood instinct, intuition, nor the heart strings of motherhood seem to have a place in the progressives politically managed home place of the future. For many women today, motherhood has become a bland facade of convenience.

This week has been key in establishing a projection of the future of America. From gay marriage, abortion and racism. The narrative of blackness in America is as convoluted as thoughts on conservatives. The concerns emanating from police shootings of black men far exceeds the actual problem of blacks killing blacks in their own neighborhoods. Many fallacies are exacerbated by media and entertainment. The book "Reach- 40 Black Men Speaking on Living, Leading and Succeeding", co editor Trabian Shorter, reveals 80 percent of black males do have at least a high school education and the fallacy of more black males in prison than college is simply not true. Shorter expresses, "What you focus on has power over your life. So, as black males and Americans, we make our future when we make our choice."

As Americans, we have gotten used to judgement not by reality but rather by perception. Clearly, we are loosing our ability to distinguish music from noise. Life is not about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself. 

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