Who Cares ?

Al Vasquez - Opinion Journalist - www.thehispanicvoice.com

The fiasco regarding Hillary Clinton's emails is reflective of what she thinks of us as a nation. We spend our energy aligning with Hillary and ignoring various illegality issue or we become befuddled wondering why we are befuddled.

Despite denials, Hillary violated protocols and rules. All emails related to government entities end with .gov. With her own private server, Hillary was able to bypass government scrutiny, establish her own secret files and communicate incognito. We must understand this issue is not about emails, it is about the "private server". A blind address nobody knows who it belongs to. The irony is the Chinese, the Russians, ISIS and every other enemy sorted through her messages. Our enemies knew more about Hillary's emails than our president, if you can believe that. Big clue Mr. President; no ".gov" at the end of her email address, NOT a government server! Is he really that dense or conveniently pretends for political cover. We know the answer.

There are rules. The idea of establishing a rule means there is something bad on the other side. The argument something is wrong thus requiring a rule only works if the violator actually cares. If the individual simply does not care about right and wrong, what reason do they have to follow rules? If they can get away with it, there is no reason to follow rules even the constitution. The fact Hillary does not care does not make it right.

America is beginning to notice the private server was not about the United States, it was about Hillary. We have suffered through 7 years with a president whose presidential terms are about his legacy, America be damned. America has never been so vulnerable as it is today, due to a lack of moral bearings and foresight, due to a lack of perspective of what America stands for.

Those of us who still recall what America stood for, still respect God and the Stars and Stripes, still view the military as needed for our survival do not quibble with "does it matter"?

We could say in general, the same things are right and wrong for everybody but not everyone has a reason to do what is right. Only people with the right motives and concern for others have any reason to do what is right . What is deeply concerning about Hillary is the fact she has no motivation to do right. Her only motivation is her quest for power, another legacy at the expense of our nation. Moral requirements for leadership of the United States do not mirror the moral standards of other nations. We aim to be better but many things you think are wrong are continually being accepted as morally correct. Many things we think of today as being right will inevitably be thought by future societies as morally wrong. There is a continual transition of thought oftentimes motivated by our own comforts as individuals or as a nation. Hillary is primarily motivated for her concern of self. This should be deeply troubling for anyone who can see similarities between our leadership now and what would be our leadership with Hillary. Both Hillary and Obama are motivated by what makes them personally feel bad or good. This has proven to be disastrous for our nation. When individuals are only motivated by their own comfort, it becomes hopeless to appeal for truth and concern for others.

Our nation has reached a crossroad where the telling of truth, curing our nation of fabrications, the acceptance of being once again an example to follow and being self sufficient is primordial. That is the enchantment at this moment with Trump who so far tells it like it is, and calls a spade a spade, wether we like it or not.